The Cliffs at Crystal Mesa is a mountain modern, eco-sustainable community. Located just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico this gated sanctuary offers Mountain Homesteads ranging in size from 5 – 50 acres. Thoughtful community guidelines and buyer resources offer a fresh approach to turnkey living and innovative enjoyment of this special land.

4-Season Sanctuary

The Cliffs at Crystal Mesa offers refined and authentic reconnection with the sacredness of nature. Celebrating a true four season climate, The Cliffs calls its residents to enjoy the great outdoors with its temperate summers, mild winters and bright springs and falls.

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Historical Significance

Between the towering Sangre de Cristo mountains and the flat-topped Glorieta Mesa lies Glorieta Pass, through which a continuously unfolding story of human culture has traveled to and from the Pecos Valley for thousands of years. Pecos Valley has long been a backdrop that invites contemplation about where our civilization comes from and where it is going.

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Cultural Mecca

Santa Fe is an emerging international hub for the creative arts, including its unique and iconic opera house which opens to the stunning New Mexico landscape. With a population of 85,000, the town is also renowned for its Pueblo-style architecture and legendary cuisine.

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Nature Lovers Paradise

Pecos Wilderness, just a few minutes drive from The Cliffs, has high peaks, picturesque lakes, and many streams and creeks. With many easily accessible entry points, Pecos National Wilderness provides ample recreation opportunities, while the large size of the area supports solitude in nature.

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Developers’ Vision

“As stewards of the land, we respect the antiquity and the importance of this expanse. It is our wish to protect this land with all we have, while at the same time enjoying its vast beauty and spectacular uniqueness. The mission of The Cliffs at Crystal Mesa is to embrace the Earth and spread a song of harmonious truth through our community and beyond.”

Bob and Denice Sherwin
Owner / Developer

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Please be in touch with any questions and for more information about The Cliffs community.

Bob Sherwin, Owner

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