What is the minimum square footage for a house?

1200 square feet is the minimum size for a primary residence at The Cliffs. This is attractive to many buyers preferring a smaller home than the much larger houses required by many master planned communities.

Is this a gated community?

Yes, The Cliffs at Crystal Mesa has two electric gates to support the security and sovereignty of the community. One gate accesses The Cliffs and an adjoining neighborhood, and a second gate establishes a private secured entrance for The Cliffs’ 24 homesteads.

How many structures can I put on my property?

Each of The Cliffs’ homesteads allow for multiple structures that may include the primary residence, a guest house, and varied accessory structures such as a detached garage/ work space, shed, barn or greenhouse.

What is mountain modern architecture and do I have to build in that style?

Mountain modern homes are one of the newest trends in architecture and are one of the most environmentally sustainable. The Cliffs’ high woodlands and forested homesteads offer a rare mountain setting in the Santa Fe area. Owners may build other architectural styles so long as the design incorporates rustic, innovative elements that make it feel “at home” in the surroundings. See The Cliffs Architectural Style Guide for more detailed information.

Why “build green”? Isn’t it really expensive?

In addition to respecting planetary sustainability, a home that is built with “green” features, higher efficiency insulation and materials, results in lower utility bills and upkeep. The Cliffs has adopted the Build Green NM Bronze standards, as a minimum requirement, further reducing any costs incurred by offering a sustainable tax credit. Learn more about Build Green New Mexico.

Do I have to use the architects listed on this website?

Owners can use any architect they choose when designing their home. As a resource for buyers, The Cliffs has selected local Santa Fe architects for its Affinity Circle whose qualifications and work product are exemplary and aligned with The Cliffs vision. Experienced with Green building practices, Affinity Architects are deeply familiar with The Cliffs Design Guidelines and with the unique topography and environmental considerations of Cliffs’ homesteads. Learn more about The Cliffs Architect Affinity Circle

What are the HOA dues and what do they cover?

Annual HOA dues are $800 per year which includes maintenance of the gated entrances and paved roads, snow plowing, and upkeep/ improvements of the trail system and other community amenities.

Does The Cliffs permit short-term rental of my property?

SShort-term rentals of any length are allowed as long as the owner uses a reputable rental platform for vetting guests and notifies the HOA of the names/ contact of paying guests.

Are the homesteads improved with utilities?

The Cliffs homesteads are improved with electric, phone, and a shared well (4 to 6 lots per well). Each owner will be required to put in their own septic system when they build, plus a 10,000 gallon water storage with hook-up for emergency fire protection (per the fire marshal requirements).

Are wildfires a concern?

The Cliffs development has many strategic fire mitigation policies and improvements. The developers worked with the fire marshal when clearing the land and brush to ensure the highest level of environmental protection. Utility wires are underground which reduces the risk of fire. There are several large holding tanks sited throughout the community and each homestead is further required to install a 10,000 gallon water tank for emergency fire protection. Additionally, Glorieta Pass fire station is located two miles from the community.

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