Buyer / Owner Resources

The Cliffs offers buyers and owners carefully curated resources aligned with the Cliffs values and community vision. Buyer/ owners are not limited or required to engage the following resources, but can utilize this network of professionals and services to support the design build process.

  Architect Affinity Circle  

The Cliffs Affinity Circle includes professionals whose qualifications and work product are exemplary and aligned with The Cliffs vision. Experienced with Green building practices, Affinity Architects also have expertise in creating mountain style architecture suited to the Santa Fe high desert. Affinity Architects can add tremendous value during the design/build process as they are deeply familiar with the Design Guidelines and with the unique topography and environmental considerations of The Cliffs’ homesteads. Architects in the Affinity Circle are also familiar with the Santa Fe county permitting requirements and process.

Wayne Lloyd
Wayne has practiced architecture in Santa Fe since 1979. His depth of experience and knowledge of architecture is internationally-based, having worked with both legendary Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta and famed developer Pedro Garcia in the Costa Del Sol of Spain. Wayne’s designs are famous being window dominant, taking advantage of New Mexico’s luminous natural light, which brought Georgia O’Keefe and many other internationally known artists to the southwest.

Luca Marino-Baker
Luca is a native Santa Fean. His Architectural background includes experience working with award wining firms in Santa Fe, NM including Autotroph Architecture and Conron & Woods Architects. Luca has lived in iconic and cutting edge cities in terms of urban design and architecture has exposed him to world class design and the greater context in which Santa Fe finds itself. His aesthetic draws from his New Mexican roots and experience throughout the world.

Carey Dodson
With over 20 years of experience as a residential architect, Carey finds a genuine joy in collaborating with her clients to create home environments that enhance the homeowner’s well-being and vitality. Rooted in Austin, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Carey offers a full range of architecture and design services, from home remodels to newly constructed houses.

Sample designs and statement from Carey


The Cliffs at Crystal Mesa is designed from the ground up as a new paradigm self-sustaining green community. All lots are improved with water wells and electric, however some Buyer/ Owners may choose to make their homestead more off-grid and self sufficient. The following professionals and vendors are resources to implement sustainable practices in homestead improvement.

Green Building Certification

Most Green building certifications need to be integrated into the design process to create structures that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient. The following professional resources can support you during the design- build process and in achieving Green certification.

Build Green New Mexico

Evergreen Building Solutions

Greenhouse / Permaculture

The following resources can support you establishing and maintaining agriculturally productive ecosystems with diversity, stability and resilience.

Rob Perks

San Isidro Permaculture


New Mexico’s sunshine rich days are a natural fit for solar energy powered homes. There are often tax related incentives for solar panel installation. Check out the following vendors for more information about what might be a fit for your homestead.

Positive Energy Solar

Bay Wa r.e.

Water Catchment

Rainwater harvesting systems capture, divert and store rainwater for future beneficial use such as landscape irrigation and other non-potable uses.

Raincatcher Inc.

LithTec Earth Blocks

LithTec Earth Blocks are a cost-effective, deeply environmentally sustainable resource for building and insulating your home. LithTec’s innovative soil technology mimics lithification, the natural process that transforms earth into stone and which uses the soil on your property (dug out for your foundation) to create the Earth Blocks that can be used in your home’s construction.

Bob Sherwin

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